The hearing industry and Work Safe has called for an increased awareness of hearing health for industries in noisy environments. Any workplace whose employees are frequently required to use personal hearing protection to prevent occupation hearing loss are required to test their employees.

Why hearing tests are important?

Working in an industry with noisy environments it is your responsibility to promote safe work environments and healthy hearing, and this should be part of your overall health and safety program.


  • You will meet your occupational noise obligations.
  • Education on the importance of hearing protection in the workplace.
  • Peace of mind that the legal risks are minimized.
  • Hearing protection of employees for a happier, safer workplace.


  • Organise hearing tests for all employees that are required to use personal hearing protectors within the first three months of employment.
  • Provide audiometric testing for all new employees that exposes them to a risk of occupation al hearing loss.
  • Continue to offer audiometric hearing tests every two years.

Why Us?

Hearsmart proudly stands as an independently owned and operated audiology clinic. Shipra (Director and Principal Audiologist) and her team have over 25 years of experience and can assist in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of hearing related problems and offer independent and professional advice.

We are WorkSafe Victoria accredited audiologists.

Our hearing test results are kept electronically so that your company records are available for decades. We also offer bulk discount rates. Please call us to discuss your companies hearing requirements on 1300 787 792