Summer fun in the water and ear protection

Summer is fast approaching, and holidays are on our mind. With that in mind we should start to think about keeping our ears safe this summer and preventing water induced ear infections.

Here at Hearsmart our audiologists are experienced in taking impressions of your ears to create specially moulded custom swim plugs to keep water from your ears.

Swim plugs can also be used by children or adults with grommets to protect ears whilst bathing, showering or swimming in pools, spas or rivers.

Our custom-made swim earplugs start from $140.

Please contact us on 1300 787 792 or for an appointment for custom made swim plugs.

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear occurs when water gets stuck in the ear canal. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

Symptoms of swimmer’s ear include:

  • Itchiness
  • Drainage
  • Pain in the outer ear, especially when it is tugged
  • Ear redness
  • Swelling


While every case is different, typically, swimmer’s ear treatment involves antibiotic ear drops and cleaning the ear canal.


If you don’t want to have swimmer’s ear treatment, you may avoid the condition with these basic precautions:

  • As much as possible, try to keep your ears dry. This may mean using custom-made ear plugs. Swimming caps can also help.
  • Always dry your ears completely—even if you’re just taking a shower.
  • If you’re having trouble getting water to leave the ear canal, try tilting your head back and forth.
  • Try pulling your earlobe back and forth.

Call us today to discuss custom made swim plugs for you or your family.

Please contact us on 1300 787 792 or for an appointment for custom made swim plugs.