Spring Cleaning Tips….

Spring has now officially bloomed here in Melbourne making this is an ideal time to give our hearing aids a bit of a spring clean, which is essential to ensure they work to their full potential.

Cleaning and maintaining our hearing aids is important for well-functioning and long-lasting hearing aids to ensure you are getting the best sound quality and longevity out of your devices.

Follow these 5 easy tips for keeping your hearing aids clean…

  1. Wipe down your hearing aids and/or earmould with a cloth, tissue, or designated hearing aid wipes or disinfecting spray.
  2. Locate the microphone and speaker ports of your hearing aids. Keep in mind that some hearing aids have two microphone ports. The speaker port is often covered with a white wax filter.
  3. Use a brush over the microphone and speaker ports to remove any loose wax or debris.
  4. Use a wax pick to clear out the microphone or speaker port. Do not stick anything longer into the microphone, as it can damage the components. Replace the wax filter if needed.
  5. Locate the vent of the hearing aid. This is an opening that allows air to go from one side of the hearing aid to the other. Use a vent cleaner to clear out the vent.



If you require further assistance, would like an appointment, or require some additional items, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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