The top 3 hearing aids available this month in Lilydale and the Yarra Valley.

Choosing the right hearing aid can be a daunting task! There are endless options available and the advice can be very conflicting. Many big brand audiology clinics will only recommend hearing aids that align with their supply contracts and may not necessarily provide the best solution for each individual’s needs. This may end up costing you more in the long run if the device sold to you is not the best solution for your unique hearing needs


Shipra’s Advice: Top 3 Hearing Solutions

As a fully independent and family-owned audiology clinic, Hearsmart prides itself on creating tailored hearing solutions for clients and their families. Shipra Ojha from Hearsmart has a reputation as one of the top audiologists in the Yarra Valley and Lilydale. So, how can she help make your hearing loss journey a little easier? By talking about this month’s top three hearings aids, and why they can solve your hearing loss problems, big or small.


Disclaimer: Shipra and Hearsmart receive no compensation or commission for any of the hearing products they recommend. Hearsmart is about finding the right solution for each patient, regardless of make or model.


1) Finding the perfect fit with the Signia AX

Q: What is your number one choice of hearing aid at the moment, and how can it help your patients?

Shipra: My top recommendation at the moment is the Signia AX. The technology is really impressive and the range has tailored solutions to suit all budgets. What makes this hearing aid so special is the twin processor – this means that the device can identify the difference between speech and background noise, and can automatically process these sounds independently. It is capable of improving the clarity of sound, even in a noisy and immersive environment. It is a great solution for the noisy Christmas table, with all the family talking over the top of each other at the same time!


Q: What else is there about this device that makes it stand out from the rest?

Shipra: The Signia AX also has fantastic battery life and the flexibility to charge on the go with portable charging docks. It also is completely interactive, with app technology to suit both iPhone and Android users. The Advanced sensor technology recognizes if you are moving, and detects which hearing situation you are in automatically, making sure you always experience the best possible sound as you move throughout your day.




2) The sleek and discreet Signia Active

Q: What product would you recommend for someone who is a bit hesitant to try a hearing aid?

Shipra: Definitely the Signia Active range. This line of products is great for first time hearing aid users. They have a unique design that make them look like a regular pair of ear bud headphones. No one will even know they’re a hearing aid unless you want them to! They are perfect for people who are on the go, with Bluetooth connectivity for crystal clear phone calls and pairing options for your favourite music streaming and TV apps. The added benefit is that the device also enhances your overall hearing experience, whilst also being very discreet.

Q: What makes this product distinctive in your eyes?

Shipra: The Signia Active has many of the same capabilities as the AX. It’s able to cut through noise to hear voices clearly from any direction, but it’s the design that’s revolutionary, and multifunctional in the true sense of the word. People experience hearing loss often delay treatment out of fear of being prescribed bulky, unappealing devices that make everyone visually aware of your issue. The Signia Active range takes the idea of a traditional hearing aid and turns it on its head.

3) Do I really need a hearing aid?

Q: What can you recommend for patients that are experiencing some hearing loss, but are not ready to commit to a regular hearing aid?

Shipra: Audeara is an Australian company that has created specialised headphones with hearing assistive technology. They are noise cancelling Bluetooth enabled headphones that amplify TV and phone sound, using clarity over volume to improve your hearing experience. The device is perfect for those wanting to improve sound quality when interacting with entertainment and communication devices. It can be used for casual hearing rather than a full hearing aid and is registered as an assistive technology with the NDIS and HSP.

What should the next step be?

Deciding to find a solution to your hearing loss problems is the first step. Patients often feel insecure about their hearing loss, which can lead to a reduction in quality of life and social isolation. Shipra and the Hearsmart team are committed to finding the perfect solution for every client. By finding your unique hearing profile through comprehensive testing, they can match the best device based on needs and budget and ensure you receive the proper ongoing care, for life.

If you or someone you love would benefit from talking to local experts about the best options for solving problems related to hearing loss, book an appointment with the Hearsmart team today!