Tips for talking to people with hearing loss

If you are speaking to a person with hearing loss, there are some simple steps to help improve communication, whether they wear a hearing aid or not.

Get the person’s attention before starting a conversation

Before starting a conversation, say the person’s name or touch them gently on the arm or shoulder, if appropriate.

Reduce background noise

Reduce any background noise or try to find a quieter place to have a conversation. For example, turn off or move away from the television, radio, or otherwise noisy environment.

Rephrase instead of repeat

If you are having trouble being understood, try rephrasing what you have said in another way, rather than repeating it.

Face the person

Make sure the person can see your face without any obstructions. For example, don’t cover your mouth while speaking. Many people use lip reading to help understand what is being said.

Speak slowly and clearly

Speak clearly and distinctly and if necessary, a little slower than usual. There is no need to shout.

Reduce the distance

The farther you are from someone, the harder it is to hear. Move closer if you are far away or in another room.

Ask the person what helps them

If you regularly speak with someone that has a hearing loss, ask what works best for them. Try to accommodate those needs in future conversations.

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