Eugene Chang is an accredited audiologist with
qualifications from the University of Melbourne. He
has been practicising in and around Melbourne for
the last 23 years and now we are very happy that he
joins us in Lilydale. Eugene has worked in both
government and private practice, in clinical and
management roles. He is accredited under the
government’s Hearing Services Program and is a
member of Audiology Australia. He adds to his
considerable experience by continually updating his
knowledge of new technology and practices in
audiology of today

My Philosophy

Kindness and a desire to help is important to me

Specialising in hearing aids and tinnitus management,
Eugene brings a personal and caring approach to
each client and sees age groups from 1 year of age to
the very senior.
Away from work, Eugene enjoys sitting back around
a campfire with family and friends, camping and
touring, and people photography. At home, interests
include playing the guitar and piano, and taking his
family dog for walks.