Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting a number of hearing aids that are new to the 2023 market……

Welcome to the Vivante experience from Unitron.

Life is full and beautiful when you can embrace all the sounds it has to offer. Vivante brings the sounds of the good life right to your ears, no matter where you go, no matter your lifestyle.

Sound performance

Moxi Vivante hearing aids deliver the sounds of the good life no matter where you’re off to by automatically adjusting to your lifestyle. Sounds are enhanced while minimising background noise, no matter where speech comes from, so you stay engaged in conversations in a broad range of challenging listening situations – even in the car, regardless of where people are sitting.

Hearing in style

When hearing aids are a part of your everyday life, comfort and ease of use are essential. Moxi Vivante, rechargeable hearing aids, are designed with a philosophy that focuses on comfort, aesthetics, and ease of use. There is a style to fit your lifestyle. The hearing aids are easy to insert and remove from the charger thanks to the magnetic pull insertion. Live and hear in harmony with stylish Moxi Vivante rechargeable hearing aids.

Personalisation via the Remote Plus app

Make your hearing journey your own with easy personalisation, with the Remote Plus app. Boost speech or listening comfort, and select and customise pre-set programs designed for your lifestyle. Find day-to-day management and maintenance easier with app-based coaching. Stay connected to your hearing care professional using real-time ratings and comments that alert them to your successes and struggles. Your hearing care professional can also make adjustments remotely to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy the sounds of the good life how you want, when you want.


Life is about connections. Thanks to Made For All compatibility (iOS and Android), you can conveniently stream phone calls and other media like music, podcasts and digital assistants right to your hearing aids, easily controlling them with just a tap. Plus, you can seamlessly switch between two actively connected Bluetooth® devices.

Experience Innovations

Enjoy a personal hearing journey with Unitron Experience Innovation and Remote Plus app.

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