With Mother’s Day here and celebrating all that is motherhood, do you ever sometimes find yourself asking any of these questions:

  • My mum loves to talk but I find it very hard to communicate with her because she can’t hear me unless I shout.
  • My mother refuses to wear hearing aids.
  • My mum has a hearing loss and has the TV up really loud.
  • My mum is hard of hearing and often misinterprets me.
  • I’m frustrated with my mum as she can’t hear me.
  • My mum says her hearing aids work but refuses to wear them.
  • How do I get my elderly mum to try hearing aids.
  • I’m frustrated I have to constantly repeat myself.
  • My mum refuses to accept that she needs hearing aids.

Acknowledging that we are aging is daunting for many of us. For individuals grappling with a hearing loss, exploring assistive devises like hearing aids can also be extremely daunting.

Taking the initial steps can be a sensitive and challenging topic but being open and honest will help with discussions.

Approach the situation in a positive tone and discuss it more in terms of how a hearing aid could benefit them and boost their quality and enjoyment of life.

We are available to talk to you and your loved one about a hearing loss and discuss how hearing aids could benefit them. We can show you examples of hearing aids so you and your parent can see what options are available. Sometimes this can make the situation seem less daunting.

If you or a loved one are considering hearing aids please contact us on 1300 787 792. We are a fully independent audiologist and will offer advice to suit your individual needs.