Hearing and Independence

Hearing and Independence: The Key to Independent Living Maintaining hearing health is crucial for independent living, especially as we age. Good hearing allows individuals to stay connected with the world around them, engage in social interactions, and manage daily activities confidently and safely. Here’s why looking after your hearing health is essential for maintaining independence […]

Understanding the Value of Comprehensive Hearing Assessments Over Free Screenings

Understanding the Value of Comprehensive Hearing Assessments Over Free Screenings While free hearing screenings can be appealing due to their no-cost nature, there are significant reasons why some clinics, including ours, choose to offer comprehensive hearing assessments instead. These detailed evaluations provide a more accurate, personalised understanding of an individual’s hearing health, which is crucial […]

World Well-Being Week

This week is World Well-Being Week Well-Being, Hearing, Tinnitus, and Balance: Understanding the Connections Maintaining overall well-being involves more than just physical health; it encompasses hearing health, mental health, and balance—all of which are interconnected. Tinnitus and balance disorders often accompany hearing loss and can significantly impact quality of life. Understanding these connections and how […]

The Importance of Addressing Wax Build-up

The Importance of Addressing Wax Build-up Wax build-up is not just a minor nuisance; it can lead to significant issues if not addressed. Addressing wax build-up is crucial for maintaining ear health and overall well-being. Here are some reasons why it’s important to deal with wax accumulation promptly: Prevention of Hearing Loss: Excessive wax can […]

World Environment Day 5 June 2024

World Environment Day Protecting Your Hearing in a Noisy World: Understanding Risks and Prevention In today’s bustling world, the cacophony of sounds can be more than just a daily annoyance—it can pose a serious risk to our hearing health. With the first signs of hearing loss often dismissed as simply needing to turn up the […]

Exploring Assistive Listening Devices

Exploring Assistive Listening Devices: Enhancing Communication for the Hard of Hearing Hearing loss can significantly impact daily communication and quality of life. While hearing aids are a common solution, not everyone is ready or able to use them. Fortunately, there are alternative technologies designed to assist in specific situations. Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are specialized […]

Women’s Health and Hearing Loss

For International Day of Action for Women’s Health this article highlights the significant impact of hearing loss on women’s health and well-being. Hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation, embarrassment, and depression, particularly among women. The connection between hearing loss and general health is strong, with research showing that:   Women with hearing loss […]

How to Get My Mother to Wear Hearing Aids?

With Mother’s Day here and celebrating all that is motherhood, do you ever sometimes find yourself asking any of these questions: My mum loves to talk but I find it very hard to communicate with her because she can’t hear me unless I shout. My mother refuses to wear hearing aids. My mum has a […]

International Noise Awareness Day Wednesday 24 April 2024

Have you checked the volume? In Australia 2 in every 1000 school aged children are diagnosed with some form of hearing loss. Each year 1300 – 1500 children under 17 years are fitted with hearing aids for the first time. Around 5% of adults aged 45-54 have a disabling hearing loss. This rate increases with […]

World Health Day 7 April 2024

Wear Earplugs Around Loud Noises Loud noises such as those emitted by power tools, concerts, lawnmowers and aircraft can all gradually lead to hearing loss, especially if you are exposed to these noises on a regular basis. Wear earplugs in environments that expose you to loud noises to protect your ears and reduce your risk […]