About Us

About UsHearsmart is the ONLY Audiologist owned, independent, local hearing service provider in the Yarra Valley. This means that we choose from ANY manufacturer of products and make all our own decisions about how to serve you best.

Being private, local, and independent offers us flexibility in lots of ways that you will notice when you work with us.

Hearsmart has relationships/accounts with all prominent hearing Instrument manufacturers and several suppliers of Assistive Listening Devices. Our Clinicians Shipra and Tegan keep up on all the new technology and trends in style and function of whatever is available to help people hear and stay connected (as discretely as possible!) despite hearing loss. They do this by attending trainings, product launches, workshops and conferences, reading, and using some friends to test things out on! If you hear of something new that interests you, let us know. We do have a limited “no-obligation two week trials” for cases where it is appropriate (as determined in your WELCOME visit).

We are a contributing member of the community and look forward to seeing you around the town at various functions. We even have some ideas about new community services that you might be interested in!

We hope you will enjoy all your visits (have some coffee!) and become a happy member of our practice. Be sure to tell a friend!